“Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

What is it that causes us to lose all hope? It is the bending darkness in the corners of the halls of our minds. Like dust bunnies, it tumbles when the doors of the eyes open to let rays of light in. Over and over around the basement of ourselves, darkness rolls around gathering. Darkness gathers the shame and the disgust of past events, building such a large glob of nothing and drying up every drop of life’s hope it can. Days go by when thoughts of life or death seldom cross the mind. Then there are those days when life, a sheer existence, haunts and calls for new things. It could be that age creeps up and catches one off guard. Maybe it’s the drudgery that often follows the course of a career. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is the recorded tapes in our heads that tells us there is something wrong… something missing. Trouble is, time moves on with or without any explanation for what disturbs a life. The populous eats the young and the old groan out of weariness. Light seems so very far away, almost forgotten. If there were one thing that could be said, one thing that could be done, something that would turn the trend from popular to survival, it is needed right now.
Darkness yields an unwanted end and all fail to see that there are limits for darkness but it won’t stop unless those limits are recalled. No darkness will build and sap away as much of the human soul as possible and the victims, those who have lost all hope, stand in the shadows with dark circles under their eyes, lost-afraid-alone. Listen and hear as those victims of darkness babble and fuss about the most uninspiring things like love lost, love unrequited or love undiscovered. Why? Do not the victims understand that love, real Love is a person? Or do they expect that Love is not meant for them? Only darkness can create such a disturbing and useless message as, “Love is not meant for you.” There is always another way out; another way of existing. One must be open to change, devoted to Love and aggressive in movement to receive what was given so very long ago. In this life of devastating fear, dwindling hope and growing darkness, what can be said to all the lost souls searching desperately for a word of wisdom, a miracle, a sign? Sometimes it seems there is nothing to be said and the ones who have known the Light give over to the darkness. Light, Love will not have it! Love, real Love, He will not stand by and watch the lost ones wallow in their own filth. Yes He will reach for them, each one, forgiving their dark pasts and opening their eyes Light, if they will only look His way. And His is patient. He waits and waits for them, as darkness tumbles and builds; builds and tumbles. He waits. Love waits because He knows He wins and everyone who steps into His Light wins. Won’t you come? Won’t you look for the One Who holds all eternity in His hands? He will not wait forever.

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