Cowardice Does Not Become You

Cowardice is a word that, if you can spell it and know its meaning, makes you as smart as an 8th grader.  Defined, it is a noun and refers to a lacking of courage in the face of difficulty or danger. The English, 12th Century origin of the word gives a certain umph to it. History tells us of a Eurasian upheaval; from Morocco’s Muslim government to the Christian Crusaders’ destruction of Constantinople and the invasion of China by Ghengis Khan.  Likely there were a few good stout individuals back then who turned away from conflict- over religion, property or freedom- and ran for their lives only to be dubbed, cowards.

Modern day heroism speaks for itself but it is not identified in the commonplace exchange of daily life. The exchange between co-workers best be guarded as not to imply indifference. Where has the First Amendment gone? Look somewhere underneath those recyclables… the decades old pictorials and briefs, between truth, justice and the American way. Hmmm? Yes today’s coward hides behind safety and political correctness; entrenched in theology based on a personal understanding (anti-Proverbs 3:5-6); behind hierarchal and loyalist views all in fear of what others will think or say. Countless numbers of legal papers are filed in U.S. courts demanding recompense for what has been said, even if it was true. Alas.

What happens though, in the church, Christian when we decide to fear the expounding of the truth and replace it with what we think people want to hear? Easy messages that pull at the heartstrings of sainted souls and dynamic hail fire and brimstone messages that rile old school.  Just beat that drum, love is what we say it is, and get folks ready to rage against an anti-the-way-I-want-it government. We enjoy lessons that tickle of our ears and bring us into a new kind of cowardice that will sicken and destroy. It is the kind of cowardice that allows us to hide from the truth about ourselves; cover up the mirror that would rightly tell us about ourselves. If we would see our image we might be able to surrender to Christ Jesus and be eternally changed. This new COWARDICE brings us to a place where we are comfortable with the sin of self-righteousness and it keeps us warm in those cold, bone chilling moments when someone might just dare to tell us “No, that is not in the Bible, you cannot treat people that way.” And so we continue with the wool over our eyes, slinking around with great vigor and pride at our knowledge, toasting ourselves for our goodness and encouraging the Most High to pat us on our backs for the things we say. Money is important, people must fit our molds and everything else, we cast in the fire. Powerful earthlings aren’t we?

The truth is we are all afraid, cowards if you will. But don’t let anyone know it. You know, your fear that people won’t listen to you, if they find out you are a coward. From one coward to another, turn away from yourself and surrender to Christ Jesus all of your prideful ways, knowledge and self-existence. Turn away quickly now, before it is too late. Admit your fears, vulnerability and lay them at the foot of the Cross. Take hold of the true power and Holy Spirit will rise up to change a multitude around you.; Your personal weakness not-withstanding. We belong to GOD and He desires a clean, pure relationship with us. Thusly we must admit our sin, repent and receive His forgiveness; let Him take the reigns- nothing else matters. Dear friend make it so. Be set free, finally as cowardice does not become you.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear [moral cowardice]; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – II Timothy 1: 7

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