Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to GOD a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess His name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices GOD is pleased.” Hebrews 13: 15, 16


Jill and Jack, a happily married couple, received devastating news. The doctor told Jill she was not able to have a baby. Years before Jill had a miscarriage but she always believed being a mother was her calling.  After weeks of tears and depression, Jack helped Jill get back to her routines at home, church, and work.  The following Christmas Sunday, the couple’s pastor introduced a new couple to their church- Gracie and Dave. The pastor, a hospital volunteer, explained that Gracie and Dave had recently lost their own newborn baby.  Later that Sunday, Jill introduced herself to Gracie and told her about her own heartbreak. Gracie, with a certain warmness smiled and assured Jill, “It really is alright. I know my baby girl is in the arms of Jesus right now.” Jill was surprised by Gracie’s response. She inwardly wanted to doubt the peace radiating from Gracie’s face, but it was not possible. Jill replied to Gracie, “I wish I had that kind of faith.” Gracie smiled even brighter and the two young women prayed together. Soon after Jill realized that she had never known Jesus the way that Gracie did. What was the difference? Jill, like many others, attended church services all of her life, read her Bible daily and believed she had salvation but she did not feel the peace that Gracie shared.

Sometimes even Christians find themselves feeling empty, believing that GOD is distant. He is ever present and wants each of us to live, enjoying His presence; knowing the LORD intimately is needed. That intimacy happens when we acknowledge Him and share what He is doing in our daily lives. Sharing our personal, day to day blessings releases a flow from the Father’s heart to us and then out to others. While we are encouraged by the Bible to testify of GOD’s goodness, our testimony is so much more than simply a retelling of details. Did you know that speaking of GOD’s goodness is a form of worship? In testifying we give thanksgiving and praise. It also reminds us of what GOD has done, strengthens our faith and encourages others to believe. Best of all, sharing the goodness of the LORD, in word and action is a strong way to pass our faith on and it is an effective Bible teaching tool as well. So, Gravity Check: Got TESTIMONY?


Exactly one year after Jill prayed with Gracie, the church celebrated Christmas with 8 expectant families; Jill and Jack were one of them! The couple attended that year’s Christmas service, anxiously awaiting the January birth of their first, healthy baby boy. Gracie’s faith encouraged Jill’s heart to grow in the knowledge and truth of our LORD. Jill opened her mind and received the Living GOD, through the power of His Holy Spirit. Nearly 30 years after the birth of their first son, Jill and Jack are serving GOD fulltime- after raising a houseful happy of children. Jill’s and Jack’s adult children each share their own personal testimonies of GOD’s Love, all around the world every day. It is amazing what our loving GOD can do… one testimony at a time.

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