Image“When I came to the spring today, I said, ‘Lord, God of my master Abraham, if you will, please grant success to the journey on which I have come.” Genesis 24:42

I truly enjoy the tender details of the Scriptures as gears changed and history was written. Who knew? I mean really, the Holy Bible presents us with the loveliest details of romance and adventure you could ask for. In Genesis 24 we find Rebekah, a young, olive skinned beauty doing her chores and the servant of Abraham offering her sparkling solid gold jewelry along with the promise of untold wealth… humph! Reality check: that ain’t the way it happens for most of us so Thank You Jesus for the marvelous blessing of Your Word.

I wander, and wonder at the beauty of GOD’s Word. I also take note of the simple details in reflection on my own journey at this mid-life point.

“When I came to the spring today” (As I stood in front of the kitchen sink),

“I said ‘LORD, GOD of my master Abraham, if you will,” (LORD, Help me Jesus)

“please grant success to the journey on which I have come.” (I am lost LORD, help me Jesus please!)

Needless to say GOD is faithful and always answers our prayers. The difference- the servant’s journey was completed once he found Rebekah and me; I have yet to identify the journey. Do you think asking for an Abraham is too much? I sense serious gear changes in the making.

Mid-life crisis, like it or not is my current state. Recently unemployed and happily so, I find myself searching for meaning, channels for creativity and a stable income. In these moments I am happy to recall the teachings of my youth. You know, the sagacious wisdom of old Black ladies with paper funeral fans in their hands and shiny clutch bags in their laps; smelling of rose water and Royal Crown. “Child don’t let the street light catch you outdoors.” “This world is no friend to man.” “If GOD had wanted you to fly He would have given you wings.” “A fool and his money are soon parted.” “Don’t let the back door hit you where the good LORD split you.” Translations: Be indoors before dark, it is safer. Flying is not meant for everyone so use the gifts you have been given. Be careful how you spend your money and avoid spending too much time away from home. Hmm. Okay so no romance there but wisdom? Guess it is all in the interpretation.  As it is, the search for the journey, my calling continues. Changing gears LORD- Jesus please help me find the way.

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