Thinking on These Things “whatsoever things are true…” Philippians 4Image

      Several years ago someone came up with the idea that all truth was subjective; one-sided or personal. I recall repeatedly hearing the phrase, “Your truth is your truth and my truth is mine”. I cannot say that I disagreed with the phrase but I always questioned its validity. And true, it really made no sense to me then, nor does it make sense to me now.

“Someone asked the question why do we sing?

When we lift our hands to Jesus what do we really mean?”

The absolute truth is if someone injures me, I am irrevocably injured. Again, if I am stricken with another person’s ill will, I am. Proving that ill will, my injury, puts the onus on me to defend myself and then I wait, with all the solemnity I can muster for yet another person to judge, my injury, the truth that I now must fight to prove.

“Someone may be wondering when we sing our song

at times we may be crying and nothings even wrong”

Reality sets us up where we are and so many variables impact who and what we become. As a southern-born African American woman, I know what it is to be different, without and ashamed. While it is true that I was born into my difference, lacking and chagrin it nonetheless marks my life in a negative way again and again. Those who are weak readily press people like me to improve their own existence, a socio-political anomaly that I will never appreciate.

“I sing because I’m happy I sing because I’m free

His eye is on the sparrow that’s the reason why I sing”

I find struggling to rise above those who enjoy tyrannical posturing truly targets my peace; a persistent and difficult thing. Know this truth I am not, praise GOD, alone. The culture of abundance broils to place many at risk of individual despondency and personal imprisonment true, but by grace truth will always rise.

“Glory Hallelujah! I give the praises to You

Glory Hallelujah! You’re the reason why I sing”

Truth will rise because of the Savior Who without thought for anything greater or smaller, chose me. Your truth, my truth, truthiness? Really now? Never forget Truth is a person and His name is Jesus Christ and we all know, like it or not, He wins.

“And when the song is over, We’ve all said Amen
In your heart just keep on singing
And the song will never end”

Christ knows. He knows every lonely, nerve racking thing that has ever happened in my life and yours. He is always there and He always cares! How do I know, true it is hard to explain it but this one thing is sure, He is and nothing else really matters.

“And if somebody asks you, Was it just a show?

Lift your hands and be a witness and tell the whole world


I do not enjoy fighting. I decided that as a five year old, forced to fight for chump change at the behest of my older siblings. Truth? I will fight for what is right because I have to; if I do not I will have no truth to speak of, only the lies of the broken who feed on the fears of others. I must fight.

                                     “And when we cross that river to study war no more

We will sing our songs to Jesus the one that we adore”

Here is the truth about what lies ahead …

“…we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against              powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Throughout the battles ahead, I will forever sing because I am happy, I sing because I’m free- His eye on the sparrow and I am thinking on these things.

“Glory Hallelujah! You’re the reason why I sing

Glory Hallelujah! I give the praises to You

Glory Hallelujah! You’re the reason why I sing”

 Lyrics from Gospel Song “Why We Sing” by Kirk Franklin

Listen and enjoy-

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