“In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth no one can see the kingdom of GOD unless he is born again.” John 3:3 
ImageRing! Ring! Jesus is Calling! Answer the Call!!!

Ring! Ring! Jesus the Calling! Answer the Call!!!

Older Superman fans will remember Clark Kent entering a conveniently placed phone booth. He did so to change into the legendary Super Hero who  answered  the calls of the weak in need of protection from the wicked! Poor Clark would be left wanting today as phone booths are almost non-existent. It occurs to me though, that Clark Kent changed to become temporarily Super only when he heard the call and not a moment before. Think about it. From a Christ-centered perspective, we as ordinary people are called to be Super humans. Follow the content of the Book of John and you will see the true call to being a Super Human is really to live Born Again. You will also see that what GOD wants of us is often that which is not  easy for us to give. Here is where Super powers are needed. In John 3 Jesus explains to Nicodemus that being Born Again requires us to submit ourselves to GOD completely. We must exchange the dark practices of our sin nature for His omniscient Light to shine from us.

Superman fans will also recall that Clark Kent was always changed on the outside. Conversely, in John 3, Jesus distinctly explains to Nicodemus that a spiritual, inside change is necessary. Follow that thought, when we allow our spirit to follow Jesus’ teachings, we almost always appear to be different because in our hearts we are. We no longer allow ourselves the freedoms of sinful thought or action. You’ve seen Super Humans I am sure. They are those people who rarely get upset about the small things. They forgive easy and love with their actions. They are the ones who encourage others, seldom criticize and replace foolishness with prayer. Super Humans are the people who do what they can to magnify the LORD. The Bible is our resource for finding Super Power within ourselves. What about you? What tells  the world that you are changed into a Super Human, inside and out?  Does it look like Light? Or is it an off-putting down-hearted look? Or is it physically flattering and trendy?   People who believe in Christ are called to be permanently changed inwardly from the very moment they begin to believe. That inner change alters the way we look on the outside. No big red ‘S’ just that extra something that makes us walk a little straighter and live as we know we are loved. Faith in the LORD  allows the sure and gradual development of our inner selves, a reflection of our GOD; telephone booths not necessary.  Side Note: The December 2012 *Gallup poll revealed 77% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Wow! What if 77% of 316, 540, 650+ people were truly Born Again? Things would look really different huh? Super Power everywhere!  (To be Continued)   *Resource: http://www.gallup.com/poll/159548/identify-christian.aspx


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