rickety faith              I imagined the backdrop for the Living Nativity without thought for the rest of the manger. Once it was decided that a full manger was needed, I thought simple pimple! Let’s just use a barbecue canopy frame; a few palm branches and Voilà – a manger scene. Not so simple. As I think back on it, from the time Pastor Frank and Dave Kline started to put the structure together, it was a sheer struggle to make it stand. Then Mike Smith came in and added some support. Soon, Alfred Oquendo and Richard LeCompte were helping make that thing stand. By opening night’s end, I think every male on site, young and old had joined in making the manger frame stand under the weight of the palm branches Becky Kline so carefully knit across the top. Alas, the entire frame was struck on night 1 as everything was put away in fear of strong winds and rain. Sigh. And I asked the LORD, “Why didn’t I just plan out and build a wood frame?” Ultimately it would have been easier and sturdier.

After all the efforts and looking forward to Living Nativity night 2 and 3, Holy Spirit prompts me to remember my whole hope for the event: that Lifeway Church might grow.

You know, it sometimes escapes me the fact that the Creator of the Universe first placed a physical man in the Kingdom and then the growth began. I bless the LORD today because He, in His infinite wisdom and perfect love used a very weak structure to begin New Life on this planet in the coming of our Savior. Once again we can see Him use another very weak structure to mark the start of new life and growth in our church family, through the physical efforts of a few good men. O LORD, Thank You!

Almighty GOD I pray in thanksgiving as Your New Life is increasingly revealed at Lifeway Church. Father let the growth in Your church be perfected in Your grace. Thank You for Your Perfect Love that has brought us all together. Please continue to enhance our community by Your creative Spirit through the willing hearts of a few industrious men and a handful of fabulous, fruitful women!

Merry More of Christ my Church Family, Much love and His Peace, jed


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