A Christmas Prayer

The years flow by far too quickly LORD for me to comprehend

The power of the gifts You give – Like children, family, friends

Before another moment passes I kneel in humble prayer

To thank You Father for what You do that lets me know You’re there


The tears in the eyes of our first born; Music that flows from the heart

The strength in the spirit of our second one; Great joy in a brand new start

The peace in the smile of our third child and the wisdom that comes only from You

The love of good souls and the way they reflect all the wondrous things that You do


O GOD You are gracious in Your giving towards me

This life You have truly changed

Your love has lifted the lowest heart and has eased the heaviest pain

That anyone would give themselves- a ransom for my  soul,

I cannot understand the beauty of it, nor it can I extol


The grace gift of Your love for everyone means more than words can say

It is that same grace in which I now live and am free to openly pray

From Heaven’s throne down Jesus You

came with one clear purpose in mind

To lift up. to heal the brokenhearted with Love that flows -so Divine


In this my prayer, this Christmas now I bow to lift grateful praise

I  bless Your name O Marvelous LORD,  For You are Worthy, O Ancient of Days!

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