I am the youngest of my single-mother’s five children.  Our family, 1960 migrants from Alabama abusive, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. I was a tearful little girl, always with a vivid imagination. Fear, hunger and loneliness were my usual companions. In 1963, Mom enrolled me in Kindergarten, I think at 99th Street Elementary; About 10 city blocks away from the back-lot, four room house we lived in on 89th Street.

Mom worked as a night shift nurse back then so having her active brood in school was likely a welcomed break. It was my job to independently walk a route to school and home each day. The way took me along busy urban streets and included one or two alley “short cuts”. I remember a few unfortunate encounters, and I think some details are blocked.  One of those encounters might have been the reason I managed to stray off of the path to school. Maybe it was curiosity or imagination but I believe fear got the better of me. Whatever it was, getting back on path by myself was not possible. In full fountain tears, someone passed me on to the local beat police. Thanks to my older brothers and sisters, I knew where I was supposed to be so it was not long before I was delivered home to my deeply enraged mother. Trust me I paid a high cost for straying off that path.

Incidental wayward behaviors are seldom rewarded. Sometimes that happens. We get off the path laid out for us by those who were led before us. No matter how old we are, leaving those paths can be costly.I imagine the LORD is moved with deep passion when His people get off the path He marked out for us with His blood. There are so many avenues and alleys along the way. Religious, social and cultural signals can flash so bright that we can be easily distracted. Perhaps it is imagined amusement, high energy curiosity, financial exploits, or deep seeded fear that draws us away from our Father’s plan. Straying away from our faith in Jesus Christ seems to always end in unsustainable conditions at outrageous costs. Man, where are the spiritual beat police when we need them?!

Please understand, GOD the Father knows all people. He sees that we are often vulnerable, even childlike, in a world where twisted, desperate souls sprinkle our paths. Earth, a place where the deceiver uses the disguises of love, relationship and necessity to destroy the Children of GOD. That is why Jesus made sure to leave His Spirit with us when He returned to the Father; That we might have a Rescuer when we get lost. If we are willing to trust GOD at His Word, the path of life grows clearer, becoming less tenuous and more delightful.  Our hearing and sight become sharper as our souls are satisfied in Jesus Christ. His way leads us unencumbered,free of litter produced by a suffering, rebellious, unfaithful generation.

Feeling like you have lost your way?  Take GOD at His Word- Deception exists to get our minds off of Jesus Christ and onto ourselves. Please know this: on urban paths, in desert sands, through darkest of nights and even in the bright lights of the big city – when our minds are focused on Jesus Christ, Messiah we will remain safe and free in Him.

GPS- GOD’s Present Spirit- is ALWAYS available to get us where we want to be. Access desired? Take to your knees or simply whisper a prayer in Jesus’ Name and Holy Spirit will guide where you really want to go.

 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, Whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him, nor knows Him. You know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.”

John 14:15-17

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