I was once in sin surrounded, drifting on a hopeless sea-

When Jesus poured out great Salvation, by His grace He gifted me.

From that moment I’ve been lifted out of darkness, out of fear;

Now I know, yes I am certain Jesus Christ is always ever near.

Which means more than simple solace when the raging waters roll.

It means more than grace abounding, so much more than a saved soul.


Jesus on the cross amended my every past and future sin.

He unites me with His Being causing daily Love to win.

GOD’s great comfort in all trouble, The Only balm for Gilead;

Christ my own, my Source, my Power- the Best Friend I’ll ever have.

Though earth’s captives will assail me, Jesus Christ my hope secures.

Holy Spirit will not fail me, GOD’s own covenant assures.

He has proven He is with me, with a challenge for each day,

To live the life Creator gave me despite earth’s dark and shallow way.

Not that I might gain in riches even though I know I do,

But so others may see and choose, Him turning to the Father too!


So to all who claim allegiance with the One Who saves our souls-

Stop submitting to the darkness, check your mindless thought controls.

Turn your eyes and look to Jesus when forecast troubles do begin

And remember WHO THE LORD IS and let your life be hid in Him.

Let no foolish thought persuade you to announce your fear, your shame-

Just remember Jesus loves YOU! He knows more than just your name.

Tell the ones who do not know Him and the ones who claim to know

That GOD is more than just an idea and He wants your Light to show-

He’s acquainted with your sorrow- waits to cover you with peace.

Jesus humbly calls in power. Let Him speak beyond your knees.

Let His Light shine brightly from you as you place ALL TRUST IN HIM.

Let no other spirit move you nor be trapped in mindless sin.

When questions like the waters rise and storms clouds fill the sky

Holy Spirit is RIGHT NOW with you not just in the by and by!

He is GOD and He alone is more than just Salvation’s Plan.

He is all that is needed whatever comes and He will always stand!

Jesus Christ IS The Only Way to glory. He is The Only Way to know

That life is more than just survival, more than thoughtless words will show.

He gave His life that we might live and live from our best part,

Pouring out the Savior’s goodness with a clean and contrite heart-

Showing all His boundless goodness to a world so dark so drear

Jesus Christ, more than Salvation, HE IS GOD FOREVER HERE!

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