Change the World One Sunday School Visitor at a Time

Faith Way Missionary Baptist Church – Watts

“On this old road of sorrow, I have many a woe”

Growing up poor, dark brown and nappy headed often brings you to the point of breaking.         As a child in 1965 South Central Los Angeles, I lived the degradation of social injustice. The trauma and insanity of socio-economic disparity make for many hungry days and empty stomach nightmares. Fortunate to attend school, I quickly leaned as a Negro, I didn’t matter.

“I can’t see the sunshine, no matter where I go”

Vermont & Slauson, our Community Shopping Center, c. 1965

The abuse of slave owners lingered to overshadow my childhood as I watched abusive mothers, fathers, and neighbors act out their angst. Authoritative figures used our community like felled scrap wood. Strewn about blacktopped city streets, and like scraps of wood, we believed we only had one purpose, to burn. And so we did.

“But Jesus is my Keeper and He watches here below”

Members from a church 7 miles from where we lived began picking us up Sunday mornings.

The Sunday school teachers or the pastor, Reverend Bruitt did the driving. On most Sundays      we stopped for donuts and milk on the way. Every week I learned that I mattered to the Sunday school teachers, the pastor and the Creator of the Universe! I also learned some Authoritative figures have skin just like mine and most of all, I didn’t have to burn.

“And my life will be sweeter someday!”

Sunday school is often the only sound place for the less fortunate, weakened or traumatized.     The simple teaching of the Gospel, presented in an age-appropriate manner rests in the hearts of hearers. A multitude of lives are changed because Holy Spirit draws them to Sunday school somewhere, through the lives of extraordinary people. Just like He drew me.

“Yes my life, my life will be sweeter someday”

Social violence and indifference will exist as long as evil goes unchecked. As a little girl I learned to call on the Peace Speaker and my destiny changed. I tell you now, knowing Jesus Christ as LORD makes every day sweeter. If you are willing, Truth Himself will use you to change the world; One Sunday school visitor at a time.

“Jesus promised to reward me on that Great Judgment Day and my life will be sweeter someday!”


*Lyrics from Old Negro Spiritual, Author Unknown

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