old bible and crux    Begat, an archaic use of beget (to be gotten), is used 139 times in the King James Bible. Strands of the begat begin in Genesis, detailing the line of GOD’s chosen people; His family. Bible readers often skip such words as ‘begat’ or the ‘had other’ references ultimately skipping over the lists of names that follow. There is no necessary information there, right? I beg to differ. Every word delivered by the Author and Finisher of our faith is necessary. He chose each word for a purpose. Every word stands despite the continual transliteration of The Gospel. Isaiah 55:11 clearly teaches GOD has great intention for the words He has provided. Case in point- begat. Biblically begat proceeds challenging names GOD thought worth mentioning. Many of those names lyrically roll off the tongue bringing the willing reader to GOD’s appointed truth. Take Genesis 4:18 for example, “and Irad begat Me-hu-ja-el: and Mehujael begat Me-thu-sa-el: and Methusael begat La-mech”. Greater still, the physical connection of GOD’s chosen people to His Divine purpose is found in phrases starting with begat.

     The use of begat quite often proceeds the family line directly connecting us to Christ Jesus- GOD’s One and Only true Son. Paul explains in Romans 8:15, while all people were not born into the lineage of Christ, we can choose to be adopted into the family of GOD “through faith in Christ Jesus”, begat in the line of David. It is by Holy Spirit’s great leading that you and I are free to choose GOD’s righteous family line as our own. And He set it off in The Word with the archaic ‘begat”.

     Finally, in the contemporary world, mankind cannot survive without the physical family structure. One must note, GOD Almighty commands both the physical and the spiritual. The family of GOD was created by the Father Almighty and Christ Jesus is our Omniscient Brother. Almighty… Omniscient… this is Power! Lasting Power! In this moment we are free to choose to thrive instead of just surviving through the Power of the Most High. We are granted access to the Power to overcome and to embrace every word in the Bible, receiving life as heirs to the Kingdom of GOD. But we must first allow GOD’s Word, no matter how archaic, to be our own. The Bible, Power sent from the Hand of the Ancient Himself, is our direct contemporary connection to Him.

      One more thought. GOD in His infinite Power gifts us with 24 hours a day to choose to explore, dissect and appreciate all of His Word. Why? Because He loves us so much. He took on physical nature to grow His spiritual family with people like you and me- each of us begat for His good purpose. And that truth never gets too old.

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