Asigns of gracects 14:3

  ” Long time therefore abode they speaking boldly in the LORD, which gave testimony unto the word of His grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands.”  

Sometimes I miss the obvious things going on around me, the things that only happen because of GOD’s grace. Like on the day I took this picture of a church front in downtown Oceanside, California. It was two years ago. At the time I was hurting, both physically and spiritually. I know now my pain was because of an acute failure to pay attention. Looking back I can see all of the signs Holy Spirit was placing in front of me but then, I did not want to see anything beyond my suffering. Still GOD was faithful.

Detour. Road work ahead. Keep right, open pavement. One Way. GRACE. The signs were right in front of me on that dreary day. The same signs linger for my benefit and for anyone who might be led to read this post. Here we go- Life is a detour on this journey GOD provides to complete His people. The road work ahead of us may be treacherous, frightening even. If we will keep right, open pavement and other hazards will not consume us. Remember there is only One Way to GOD’s abundant GRACE. His name is Jesus Christ. When we seek Him, we will be found by Him. If we will follow Him and we are His, we know where He leads us.

By GOD’s grace we can boldly fill our journey with the necessary work He has for us to do. Please join me in being careful to pay close attention and see the signs of grace.

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