The family arrived home from church around noon. The youngest, 7 year-old Raleigh rushed past everyone, straight into his playroom. Mom and Dad glanced quizzically at one another as if to ask “What is he up to now?” Raleigh was the rambunctious child in their brood of five children. Quite often Raleigh was known to test his parents’ patience by scooping the fish from the fish bowl to keep them safe or storing a half-eaten PB & J sandwich under his pillow for a late night snack. The parents looked at each other and quickly walked to the playroom at the back of the house. Suspiciously peeking in the playroom door, they expected the worst yet were surprised by what they saw.

There in the mblue beariddle of the room was Raleigh, lining up his collection of small toys in an evenly spaced line. One after the other, the young boy placed each toy facing in the same direction, in sort of a parade. In unison the parents sighed in relief and almost in unison, thought, “Why?”

The couple continued to watch their amazing son, noting that Raleigh’s favorite stuffed blue bear was first in line. The blue bear was given to him at birth and it was still a prized possession. Behind the blue bear, was a plastic boat Raleigh once spent hours sailing in the tub when he was 4. Following the boat was a miniature light saber, plastic jungle animals and a fleet of die cast transportation vehicles. Dad now very curious, sat down on the floor across from his son who looked pleased at his finished work. Dad asked, “Raleigh, what game are you playing?” Raleigh answered, “No game Dad. The preacher said today, “Get your priorities in order and so I am.”

We go to church for many reasons. Some of us go to fellowship, some of us to perform. Some of us go to be blessed and others go to be a blessing. Raleigh showed he was going to church to learn important lessons. GOD has important lessons for us if we will receive them. It simply takes an open, child-like faith. Who knew? Important lessons at church! Open up.

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:29

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