“Humanum est errare—To ere is human.” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Luke 17

Oh the things I wish I’d said!

Yesterday I spent some time with a dear friend. The bulk of our conversation rose on the power of forgiving & serving others. Both difficult to do yet both important to our own successful healing.

Today I think on yesterday & realize how important it is for me to hold The WORD dear; consuming it for those unexpected moments like those I spent yesterday. Luke 17 is the conversation I wish I had with my friend- so much more efficient than my own musings!

But I cannot turn back. As I live forward, it is my own need to take hold of GOD’s WORD as Christ Jesus has taken hold of me. Firmly, confidently, lovingly consuming. Amen

Humanum est errare—To ere is human. Note, Christians should be of a forgiving spirit, willing to make the best of every body, and to make all about them easy; forward to extenuate faults, and not to aggravate them; and they should contrive as much to show that they have forgiven an injury as others to show that they resent it./www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/luke/17

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