Morning Thumb: 1 Samuel 20:42a Even David Fled His Enemies

1 Samuel 20: 42a

And Jonathan said to David, “Go in peace, forasmuch as we have sworn both of us in the name of the Lord…”

David is known as a reflection of GOD’s strength in battle and yet, even David fled his enemies. Leaving a season marked by the turmoil of others shakes my spirit. I feel sad even that I did not continue to go up against the fierce enemies of my faith in Christ: corporate prejudice, hate, anxiety, and dismay. I got sick of watching the wrinkled brows of minions arguing their master’s points on separatism and statistics ignoring GOD’s concerns for the chronically ill.

Many years I spent in a place of forlorn, weary at times to the point of breaking. I drew again and again from The Well of The Gospel, believing I could just stand. Stand to see the salvation of The LORD. Stand to see patients in need whole. Walking away, closing that door frees me to do the work I do best, care.

My life’s partner has asked me if I am okay, here at the end of one road and aiming to strike out on another. I can truly say, “Yes I am.” Until waking up this morning I did not know why. This morning it fell on my heart, even David fled his enemies. This gives me much peace.

A young David in 1 Samuel 20 talked with his good friend Jonathan (my good friend Rita) and accepted the push of Saul’s threats as potentially fatal. David knew it was time to go when Jonathan set the arrows into the air. I knew it was time to go when Rita set the words in the air. She reminded of another painful, difficult time- the day I decided to leave a church group where it was clear I did not belong. EVEN DAVID FLED HIS ENEMIES. And likewise, I too go in peace.

I am grateful for a fresh start. I know Holy Spirit surrounds us all in love and creativity. He has patiently brought me through, closing one door while opening doors I never understood existed. I am reminded there is no weapon fashioned against me that will prosper. I am more than a conqueror!

New day, new growth. Here’s to the next 60+ years! Thank You Jesus!

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  1. Lydia Avatar

    New day, new growth. Here’s to the next 60+ years! Thank You Jesus! Glad you are willing to share. Thank you, friend. <3

    1. j Elise D Avatar

      Thank you for reading! Much love!

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