Not Just Passing

  Losing someone you love changes you. I pray that those who may read this post, if dealing with loss will be changed for the better. Time or tragedy will take lives away from the world as we know it to a place where we have yet to see. I call it Heaven and home.Continue reading “Not Just Passing”


Broken?  by J.E. Diaz “The sacrifices of GOD are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart— These, O GOD, You will not despise.” Psalm 51:17 Oh the teeth gritting moments caused by a toddler in a room filled with breakable things! The old “bull in china shop” imagery is not lost on those of us whoContinue reading “Broken?”

A Sign of the Times

When I saw the video of Thamsanqa Jantjie, the mentally challenged signer at President Nelson Mandela’s December 10, 2013 memorial, I chuckled hard! It was clear that whatever Mr. Jantjie was dong, it was not real or truly skillful Sign Language. However, Mr. Jantjie accomplished what he set out to do. He accomplished infamy! DeficitsContinue reading “A Sign of the Times”

Perfect Love Brings About …

              I imagined the backdrop for the Living Nativity without thought for the rest of the manger. Once it was decided that a full manger was needed, I thought simple pimple! Let’s just use a barbecue canopy frame; a few palm branches and Voilà – a manger scene. Not soContinue reading “Perfect Love Brings About …”

Offense or Defense?

Ask me any question about football and I will unabashedly prove that I know nothing about the game. I can say however that I understand the basic premises of Offense and Defense. The Defensive team plays hard to keep the Offensive team from moving the ball toward their end zone and from scoring a touchdown.Continue reading “Offense or Defense?”

The Loss of Innocence and the Promises of GOD

        Every child deserves a place where he or she is in control. Not a home where a child tyrant is suffered, no not at all. But a place in their young life where they are allowed to make choices about what to do and how to spend time and even howContinue reading “The Loss of Innocence and the Promises of GOD”


I am a true Boomer Baby, born into a generation engrossed into visual media  pathology, aka television. I realize that this makes me one of billions who access and then assess life through recorded information. This would be a bad thing if it were not for Holy Spirit intervention and the remote control. I amContinue reading “Positisalutely!”

Balance Me Jesus

      My Dearest Friend,  Your recent post nailed me and I cannot recoil against the truth in your rebuke. It is to my own shame that cowardice is my new black. Let this gown be removed, O LORD! I do not want to live my life ashamed to be who Creator GOD madeContinue reading “Balance Me Jesus”