I was once in sin surrounded, drifting on a hopeless sea- When Jesus poured out great Salvation, by His grace He gifted me. From that moment I’ve been lifted out of darkness, out of fear; Now I know, yes I am certain Jesus Christ is always ever near. Which means more than simple solace whenContinue reading “MORE THAN SALVATION’S PLAN by j. e. diaz”

Lost Your Way?

   I am the youngest of my single-mother’s five children.  Our family, 1960 migrants from Alabama abusive, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. I was a tearful little girl, always with a vivid imagination. Fear, hunger and loneliness were my usual companions. In 1963, Mom enrolled me in Kindergarten, I think at 99th StreetContinue reading “Lost Your Way?”

Thinking on These Things: Whatsoever Things are True

Thinking on These Things “whatsoever things are true…” Philippians 4       Several years ago someone came up with the idea that all truth was subjective; one-sided or personal. I recall repeatedly hearing the phrase, “Your truth is your truth and my truth is mine”. I cannot say that I disagreed with the phrase butContinue reading “Thinking on These Things: Whatsoever Things are True”