I was once in sin surrounded, drifting on a hopeless sea- When Jesus poured out great Salvation, by His grace He gifted me. From that moment I’ve been lifted out of darkness, out of fear; Now I know, yes I am certain Jesus Christ is always ever near. Which means more than simple solace whenContinue reading “MORE THAN SALVATION’S PLAN by j. e. diaz”

Does the Bible Earn YOUR Seal of Approval?

             I enjoy perusing official stamps & seals. Vast consumerism has led to so many different kinds. One of the most interesting is the one on the gas pump. Check it out the next time you buy gasoline. The designs in the marks catch my attention. Swirls and scalloped edges in particular.Continue reading “Does the Bible Earn YOUR Seal of Approval?”

Lost Your Way?

   I am the youngest of my single-mother’s five children.  Our family, 1960 migrants from Alabama abusive, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. I was a tearful little girl, always with a vivid imagination. Fear, hunger and loneliness were my usual companions. In 1963, Mom enrolled me in Kindergarten, I think at 99th StreetContinue reading “Lost Your Way?”

A Sign of the Times

When I saw the video of Thamsanqa Jantjie, the mentally challenged signer at President Nelson Mandela’s December 10, 2013 memorial, I chuckled hard! It was clear that whatever Mr. Jantjie was dong, it was not real or truly skillful Sign Language. However, Mr. Jantjie accomplished what he set out to do. He accomplished infamy! DeficitsContinue reading “A Sign of the Times”

Perfect Love Brings About …

              I imagined the backdrop for the Living Nativity without thought for the rest of the manger. Once it was decided that a full manger was needed, I thought simple pimple! Let’s just use a barbecue canopy frame; a few palm branches and Voilà – a manger scene. Not soContinue reading “Perfect Love Brings About …”

Let His Kingdom Come in You!

Let His Kingdom Come in You! Healing needed. This world is twisted up in trouble and suffering. The strongest Christians ever known would find the past 5 years’ world history formidable. Had a restless night lately? Humans are more likely to turn to temporary, ‘guilty’ pleasures (food, work, coffee, chocolate, rage, criticism, cigarettes, drama, etc.)Continue reading “Let His Kingdom Come in You!”

“Take Knowledge!” or Journal

“Take Knowledge!” or Journal Keeping a journal was recommended to me by a therapist many years ago. Since then I have heard learned speakers encourage the same. One day, I heard a lady teacher say she journals on paper scraps and napkins in restaurants and I knew it was for me. I highly recommend itContinue reading ““Take Knowledge!” or Journal”

Thinking on These Things: Whatsoever Things are True

Thinking on These Things “whatsoever things are true…” Philippians 4       Several years ago someone came up with the idea that all truth was subjective; one-sided or personal. I recall repeatedly hearing the phrase, “Your truth is your truth and my truth is mine”. I cannot say that I disagreed with the phrase butContinue reading “Thinking on These Things: Whatsoever Things are True”

Balance Me Jesus

      My Dearest Friend,  Your recent post nailed me and I cannot recoil against the truth in your rebuke. It is to my own shame that cowardice is my new black. Let this gown be removed, O LORD! I do not want to live my life ashamed to be who Creator GOD madeContinue reading “Balance Me Jesus”

Marriage on the Road to Damascus

Life in Southern California predisposes you to seemingly endless travel on a myriad of highways, byways and other ways. In a long car ride a question will likely arise, “Is GOD trying to tell me something?” This is my experience. I have the good pleasure (?) to carpool with my spouse, whom I love dearly,Continue reading “Marriage on the Road to Damascus”