Private Art Meet Up Just Beachy!

My Monday Art group? Short & Sweet expressions of friendships with two lovely ladies from up north… A wonderful way to start the week! #grateful👩🏿‍🎨 #makeartnotwar


I was once in sin surrounded, drifting on a hopeless sea- When Jesus poured out great Salvation, by His grace He gifted me. From that moment I’ve been lifted out of darkness, out of fear; Now I know, yes I am certain Jesus Christ is always ever near. Which means more than simple solace whenContinue reading “MORE THAN SALVATION’S PLAN by j. e. diaz”

Does the Bible Earn YOUR Seal of Approval?

             I enjoy perusing official stamps & seals. Vast consumerism has led to so many different kinds. One of the most interesting is the one on the gas pump. Check it out the next time you buy gasoline. The designs in the marks catch my attention. Swirls and scalloped edges in particular.Continue reading “Does the Bible Earn YOUR Seal of Approval?”

Lost Your Way?

   I am the youngest of my single-mother’s five children.  Our family, 1960 migrants from Alabama abusive, grew up in South Central, Los Angeles. I was a tearful little girl, always with a vivid imagination. Fear, hunger and loneliness were my usual companions. In 1963, Mom enrolled me in Kindergarten, I think at 99th StreetContinue reading “Lost Your Way?”

“Take Knowledge!” or Journal

“Take Knowledge!” or Journal Keeping a journal was recommended to me by a therapist many years ago. Since then I have heard learned speakers encourage the same. One day, I heard a lady teacher say she journals on paper scraps and napkins in restaurants and I knew it was for me. I highly recommend itContinue reading ““Take Knowledge!” or Journal”

Marriage on the Road to Damascus

Life in Southern California predisposes you to seemingly endless travel on a myriad of highways, byways and other ways. In a long car ride a question will likely arise, “Is GOD trying to tell me something?” This is my experience. I have the good pleasure (?) to carpool with my spouse, whom I love dearly,Continue reading “Marriage on the Road to Damascus”

Stray Syringes and Ink Pens

Stray Syringes and Ink Pens Nursing is one of those GOD-given gigs that will keep you knowing you have no control. From the moment I step into my workplace, I succumb to the laundry list of prep work, e-mail responses and things to do. In the midst of the third patient care process of theContinue reading “Stray Syringes and Ink Pens”

“…What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?…”

“…What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?…” Matthew 11:7b A new church opened in my community this weekend. The promotional efforts were intriguing. On Sunday a close friend asked me to take her to the new church’s first service and I reluctantly, gave in to her request.Continue reading ““…What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?…””