Private Art Meet Up Just Beachy!

My Monday Art group? Short & Sweet expressions of friendships with two lovely ladies from up north… A wonderful way to start the week! #grateful👩🏿‍🎨 #makeartnotwar


I was once in sin surrounded, drifting on a hopeless sea- When Jesus poured out great Salvation, by His grace He gifted me. From that moment I’ve been lifted out of darkness, out of fear; Now I know, yes I am certain Jesus Christ is always ever near. Which means more than simple solace whenContinue reading “MORE THAN SALVATION’S PLAN by j. e. diaz”

A Sign of the Times

When I saw the video of Thamsanqa Jantjie, the mentally challenged signer at President Nelson Mandela’s December 10, 2013 memorial, I chuckled hard! It was clear that whatever Mr. Jantjie was dong, it was not real or truly skillful Sign Language. However, Mr. Jantjie accomplished what he set out to do. He accomplished infamy! DeficitsContinue reading “A Sign of the Times”

The Loss of Innocence and the Promises of GOD

        Every child deserves a place where he or she is in control. Not a home where a child tyrant is suffered, no not at all. But a place in their young life where they are allowed to make choices about what to do and how to spend time and even howContinue reading “The Loss of Innocence and the Promises of GOD”

Balance Me Jesus

      My Dearest Friend,  Your recent post nailed me and I cannot recoil against the truth in your rebuke. It is to my own shame that cowardice is my new black. Let this gown be removed, O LORD! I do not want to live my life ashamed to be who Creator GOD madeContinue reading “Balance Me Jesus”

The Set-up

Every day of our lives we set-up; The table for a meal, our wardrobe for the day, or our workplace to function. It takes a little time in most cases. Sometimes, it is a long, drawn out procedure that the setter-upper makes haste to complete. Life is all about the set-up, the ways in whichContinue reading “The Set-up”